Innovations in the establishment physiology technologies milking high-productive cows

  • A. P. Paliy Kharkov National Technical University of Agriculture name of Vasilenko
Keywords: cow, milking machine, apparatus, lactation, physiology


As a result of continuous development and improvement of technology and technical devices passed a long way from mechanical milking machines, which traced the milk from the udder of a cow squeeze devices to stump mechanical operating in automatic mode, by continuous extraction by action of constant vacuum pressure to cyclical changes (two- and three-stroke milking machines). As a result of long development and differences of opinion offered by designers and authors of milking machines of today there are dozens of different types of milking means other than technological features, and by design. The design of milking machines, apparatus and technology should provide maximum stimulation conditional and unconditional reflexes of milk cows. Only under such physiological processes functioning animal can fully realize their genetic potential. For identifying promising innovative technologies and engineering solutions necessary to develop a method for evaluating their physiology that creates preconditions effective use of high producing dairy herds. Based on the overall performance efficiency of milking machines installed main indicators served as a basis to develop physiological way of milking technology assessment (Ukraine patent № 113769 on 10.02.2017). Physiological assessment of different technologies milking is carried out by comparing coefficients (К0), which includes the average value quantity latent period (t, s), the average intensity lactation (Q, d/s) and the average number of remaining milk (q, r). As a result of the definition К0 four milking machines installed, which is the least physiological milking machine № 3, since it has the smallest value К0 0.85. Most physiological was milking machine № 2 К0 is 1,20. In addition, the milking machine № 1 was more than physiological than apparatus № 4 (1.04 > 0.98). Synthesis coefficients eliminates bias estimation parameters lactation, part К0, the value of which may differ little from each other, and provides a quantitative description physiological.


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