Metabolism fatty acids total lipids in the liquid contents of scars and productive cows indices in the presence in their diet coffee slurry

  • A. S. Romanchuk Institute of Agriculture Carpathian region
Keywords: coffee sludge, acid detergent fiber, microbial protein nitrogen-containing compounds, amino nitrogen, protein nitrogen, nitrogen, ammonia, total nitrogen, cows, productivity, diet, lipid


The biochemical mechanisms of action available in the diet in the summer of coffee sludge on metabolic processes in the body and productive performance of cows are poorly understood. The purpose of the study was to metabolism of nitrogenous compounds in liquid capacious rumen, milk production and composition of milk cows in the presence of the coffee slurry in the diet in the summer. Higher levels of fat obtained by the addition to the diet of cows coffee sludge. Cows fed feed consisting of coffee slurry in an amount of 8 and 16%. Established that the average daily feed of cows in the body, which together with the young grasses and legumes and forage fed coffee sludge reported in 4.2 and 11.2% more neutral detergent and 4.5 and 12.2% acid detergent fiber. Feeding cows coffee sludge results in reduction of nitrogen ammonia and amino nitrogen in their liquid roomy scar regardless of time relative to the start of feeding. Thus, the amount of protein nitrogen in the rumen fluid of cows increased research at the 10th hour from the start of feeding, and general – to 7–10th. As a result of feeding the young grass, fodder and coffee sludge cows increased average daily milk yield. At the same time research in the milk of cows increased protein, fat and lactose. The most pronounced effect on the metabolism of nitrogenous compounds in the rumen of cows and productive performance makes extra feeding cows with young grasses and legumes and forage, coffee slurry in an amount of 16% by weight of feed.


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