Composition of mineral elements in the yield of one-species sows of perennial grasses and their mixtures

  • I. V. Vyhovsky Rivne State Humanitarian University, Rivne, Ukraine
Keywords: hayfields, eroded slopes, grasslands, perennial herbs, grasses and herbage legumes, mineral structure fodder, fertilizers


Currently, one of the least expensive options for renewing eroded soils is the sowing of grasses for the production of cheap quality fodder adapted with updated soil and climatic conditions. Analysis presented in the paper shows that one of the main conditions for balanced feeding of cows is to provide sufficient level of mineral elements with feeds. This guarantees not only high productivity and quality, but also effective use of meadow grass stands. On the basis of the studies carried out, it is determined that a sufficient number of mineral elements are present in the feed on the variants of the experiment, where a mixture of  Medicago sativa alfalfa crop, Lotus corniculatus lyadvenets Horned was sown. It has been established that leguminous grasses with phosphorus-potassium fertilizer positively influence some indicators of the composition of mineral elements in the forage of one-species perennial crops and their mixtures. The grass-legume mixture contained the following herbs: Medicago sativa alfalfa crop, Lotus corniculatus lyadvenets Horned, Bromus rump beardless inermis, and Lolium multiflorum with the fertilizer  N60P60K90.  The mineral content of the fertilizer provides the grass-legume mixture  with enough phosphorus (0.43%), potassium (2.70%), calcium (0.39%), magnesium (0.20%) and sodium (0.13%)


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