Influence of biotic feed additive «PROPOUL plv» of is on the productive per-formance bearing quail

  • G. V. Povroznyk Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S.Z. Gzhytskyi
Keywords: quail, feed additive «PROPOUL plv», egg weight, yolk, protein, shell, the results of incubation, hatching, feed


Materials of research and practice publication represent efficiency of the use of feed addition of probiotic of «PROPOUL plv» in feeding of quail of egg direction of the productivity influence of that on morpho the productive and quality indexes of quail eggs and derivability to the sapling/pl are studied not enough. Study is undertaken on four groups of bearing quail for 100 heads in each in LLC «Bark», that is in the suburban zone of city of Lviv and engages in the different industry production of stock-raising goods milk, of clear, egg. Feed addition was entered in composition of the mixed fodder from the calculation of 4,6,8 g /of 100 g mixture after mass, first control, second, third, fourth experience.It is set that feeding with the mixed fodder of feed addition of «PROPOUL plv» has positively influenced on the morpho- productive indexes of quail eggs. Mass is a squirrel and yolk in the third and fourth groups was higher, the best were indexes of durability of shell, that is important at the estimation of marketability of eggs, and also amount of standard. An analogical picture was observed and on quality indexes such, as content in yolk of eggs of hepatin, carotenoids, vitamin А. A positive estimation was got by the results of incubation, especially it touches the derivability of quails, the results of that ground to assert about expedience of the use of probiotic feed additive of «PROPOULplv» in the feed of quail.


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