The microbiota composition of broiler chickens for action citrates bioelements

  • S.M. Medvid Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, Lviv, Ukraine
  • A. V. Hunchak Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, Lviv, Ukraine
  • O. M. Stefanyshyn Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, Lviv, Ukraine
  • A. G. Pashchenko Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: broiler chickens, caecum chime, microbiocenosis, citrate bioelements


At the articles provides the results of research quantitative and qualitative composition of intestinal microflora broiler chickens cross ROSS-308 effects on organic nanocompounds share bioelements obtained by applying erosion-explosive nanotechnology, based on something new physical effect in the field of high energy concentration. Samples of blind gut contents were collected and transferred into sterile laboratory glassware and specific quantitative and qualitative composition of microflora was investigated by diluting and seeding microorganisms on selective mediums. Their identification was carried out according to morphological, physiological and biochemical properties of the microorganisms. All poultry got complete feed, balanced for nutrient according to its kind of direction, age, productivity line. The poultry were divided into 6 groups: chicken control group add a standard mineral premix (SP) with inorganic bioelements. Broilers research groups were drinking the water complex of aquacitrate mineral supplements. In particular, chicken first experimental group - the quantity, something she answered content in a standard premix (SP) and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th were explored groups in an amount of something consistent level 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 of 1/10 of mineral elements in the standard premix. It has been established keeping something in the diet of chickens bioelements nanocompounds citrate in uniform in an amount similar in their content to the joint venture to produce subdued growth of obligate facultative microflora, compared to those in the control group of poultry (P < 0.025–0.001). With the reduction in the number of diet citrate microelements to 1/10-th of their  content of the joint venture, an increase in the content of fungi of the genus Candida and bacteria of Proteus  (P < 0.025). However, aquacitrate content in the diet of chickens at levels of 1/4, compared to SP, shows sanifying optional effects on facultative microorganisms that simulative on obligated microflora. As evidenced, in particular, cocci form of content (3.75%) in the total number of microorganisms. Regarding the composition microflora intestine in broiler diets which contents citrate bio elements that is 75 to 50% of their number in the joint venture, then, compared with the figure of a bird control other research groups found lower levels of lactobacilli one to two orders of magnitude. Thus, studies the quantitative and qualitative composition of intestinal microflora without seeing broiler chickens demonstrate one optimal dose of citrate something bioelements in poultry diets was 1/4 of their number in a standard mineral premix.


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