Description features exterior carpathian bee different origins

  • S. Kerek NSC «Institute of beekeeping them. PI Prokopovich»
  • Y. Kovalskyi Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv, Ukraine
  • P. Husar Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: breeding bees, Carpathian bees, Vuchkivskyy type, Kolochavskyy type, heterosis


New selection achievements obtained in beekeeping. The study and analysis of the literature on the hybridization of beekeeping expediency pure breeding of bees and the use and mizhtypovyh intrabreed interline hybrids, which are little inferior performance interbreed, but have a significant advantage, because the preserved purity of the breed. Found that the signs describing the size of the abdomen of bees, long proboscis and kubitalnyy code ♀V individual group's ♂K significantly superior bees ♀K group's ♂V. Compared to the parent form these signs in hybrid bees of both groups occupy an intermediate position. Dominated on these grounds bees Vuchkivskoho type. For the length and width of the wing reliable working individuals had the advantage of females Vuchkivskyy type, paired with Kolochavskyy type drones and bees reciprocal combination took an intermediate position between paternal and maternal forms of wing length and width yielded all forms. Analysis of some patterns and mechanisms of heterosis for the purpose of breeding and maximize production. The value of all investigated exterior traits worker bees in family research groups to meet the requirements of the standard for biomorphological Carpathian breed bees.


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