The needs and characteristics of feeding dairy cows

  • L. G. Levitskaya Institute of agriculture of Carpathian region of Ukraine
Keywords: protein, milk productivity, the split protein, soluble protein, grain, feed, rumen digestion, digestibility of the rations


The influence of feed with different contents in them in certain ratios lekarstvennogo and insoluble protein on the body of dairy cows. In particular, digestion in the rumen, digestibility of nutrients of feed, milk productivity and milk quality. Identify the differences in some indicators of digestion in the rumen of cows, the digestion of protein (carrying experience) on the background of the use of the experimental feed. In this grain component was subjected to extrusion and introduced maize, the protein which vikoristannya. Because of this, reduced the solubility of protein from 38% to 29% that is 9%. As a result, extended the time of their digestion in the rumen. So scar microflora sufficiently transformed the ammonia available for absorption of microbial protein, which has a positive impact on the processes of digestion and assimilation of nutrients and contributed to improving milk productivity in cows. The structure of the diets of both groups was identical and included: roughage is 12.5% juicy – 75.0%, concentrated to 12.5%. One fodder unit in the control group had 90.2 g digestible protein in experimental 89.6 g Sharapodinov attitude in control and experimental diets is 0,98. The ratio of mineral substances: CA : P in the control and experience is 1.6 : 1, N : S respectively of 7.3 and 6.9. On a more intensive course of metabolic processes show physiological and biochemical parameters in animals of the experimental group. Namely: reducing the amount of ammonia and the increase in the number of bacteria in the rumen. The composition of basic ration (PR), which included feed management. All experimental animals during the preparatory period received the same diet. Research in accounting period II (experienced) group – experimental mixed fodder in which to reduce the solubility of the protein component of grain (oats, barley, wheat) extrudable and additionally introduced maize grain (15%), the control group received commercial feed. Found that feeding the experimental feed, improved nitrogen metabolism in the organism of cows, heifers, which ultimately increased milk yield by 4.4% (vs. 26.3 to 25.2 kg). The reduction in feed costs and increase milk yield in cows of the experimental group resulted in a reduction of cost of 1 quintal of milk 27.1 UAH. and improve profitability by 2.3% against the control.


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