The productivity and mass of internalss of quails are for actions feed addition of «Proenzym»

  • N. M. Baluh Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Keywords: quail, productivity, feed additives, enzymes, probiotics, internal organs, diet, female, male


Established that the largest distribution combined with feed additives which include a number of biologically active substances. As an alternative to antibiotics, the use of which recently banned their production and significantly reduced feeding system is used four groups of drugs, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and аcidifiers. The largest number of feed additives used in poultry feed. Therefore, to improve the consumption and use of feed efficiency, obtaining maximum animal performance ensured a high level of balanced nutrition using the same enzyme–probiotic supplements. It is to include such feed additives «Proenzym» which consists of live bacteria genus Bacillus subtilis and an enzyme tsellyulaza. What prevents gastrointestinal diseases, improves digestion and absorption of essential nutrients intake. Therefore, the aim was to study the effect of feeding different doses feed additive «Proenzym» in the quail Full–feed and its impact on productivity and internal organs. For the experiment selected 200 day old Estonian quail breed. Of these, the principle of analogues formed four groups of 50 goals each. The duration of the experiment – 56 days. The first (control) group during the entire experiment received a basic diet, and quail research groups in addition to the basic diet fed different doses of feed additives. For the effects of various doses feed additive had a positive effect on live weight quails in 42 and 49–day age. Yes, most live weight at the end of the experiment were females and males second experimental group 10.8% and 8.3%, which in addition to full–feed introduced minimum dose «Proenzym» The introduction of the new maximum amount of feed factor had a significant impact on the weight of internal organs, quails second group for the actions of study drug increased the mass of the lungs and liver, respectively, 0.6 g and 3.4 g, and gallbladder in 4 experimental group 0.16 g. Therefore, we can conclude that the diets of quails best was the maximum amount of feed additive.


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