Quality of pork at feeding PVMD «Enervik» with karnitin

  • V. V. Bilavtseva Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Keywords: young pigs, BVMD «Enervic», Carney ting, feeding, carcass weight, morphological composition, physico–chemical parameters.


It is shown that feeding young pigs raised for their meat, BVMD «Enervic» Carney Tina in doses of 50 and 100 g/t of feed, promotes weight gain carcass weight up to 14 kg, the yield of muscle tissue in 2.14 – 2.46% while reducing the percentage of fat and bone tissue, and increased subcutaneous thickness of fat on the lower back, sacrum and decrease at the neck and withers. BVMD «Enervic» Carney Tina in the diet of young pigs improves podotremata ability muscle, its part of the nitrogen and caloric content, with nevrona reduce tenderness and marbling, which are correlated with the decrease in the yield of fat parts of the carcass. These results were obtained in the result of carrying out of scientific and economic experience into three groups–analogues of young pigs of large white breed at 11 goals each. Initial live weight was 8.5 kg at weaning from sows at 28–days age. The calves were reared to achieve the failed condition – live weight 100 117 kg, and was followed by monitoring slaughter and the appropriate calculations of slaughter products and physically–chemical parameters of muscle tissue. The youngsters were grown, taking account of the phases of feeding in accordance with the characteristics of individual growth and development in the first year of life. In this regard, the animals of the second group phase 20 35 kg, 35 65 kg 65 110 kg received BVMD «Enervic» starter, with a dose of Carney fence 50g/t of concentrate, and the third in the same plan – 100 g/t. First, the control group consumed BVMD without carnitine. Background feeding pigs provided the average daily gains for 127 days of the main period of experience 761 and 722 g in the experimental groups, versus 676 g in control.


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