PVMA «Intermiks» in rations pigs

  • A. P. Goncharuk Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Keywords: young pigs PVMA Intermiks, feeding, performance, blood


Getting the maximum performance level of modern breeds of pigs is possible with the full support of young vyroschuvalnoho all the necessary nutrients that possible when applying animal feed mixtures concentrating particularly PVMA. Introduction to the diet helps to ensure maximum utilization of nutrients, positively affects digestion and assimilation of them. This leads to the efficient use of feed, animal productivity and improve product quality. The feature of creating new PVMA now is that when developing recipes take into account the chemical composition of available forage in a specific region or sector, current feed feeding fodder in the assessment of energy feed units, optimal conditions of detention and genotype pigs. The new PVMA Intermiks include VS (starter and finisher hrouer) designed for feeding young pigs in growing meat in the final period of fattening. However, the practical use of them requires scientific justification. Therefore, the aim of research was to study the performance and hematological indices of young pigs when administered in the diet PVMA Intermiks VS–10%.Research conducted on three groups–analogues young pigs of large white breed, on 12 goals each. During the feeding phase 65110 kh young second received PVMA Intermiks VS–10% (hrouer–finisher), and the third PVMA Interfiks VS–10% (finisher). PVMA were manufactured at the production facilities Ukrainian firm «Interahroteh» At the end of fattening blood samples were taken for laboratory tests. Studies have shown that the use in diets of young PVMA Intermiks VS–10% (hrouer–finisher) increases the average daily increments to 113h or na15,1% and reduce the cost of feed for 1 kg increase by 14%. If consumption PVMA Intemmiks VS–10% (finisher) increased by increments of 13 g, or at 1.74%. Accordingly, average daily rate increases was the second 859 h and 759 h in the third group, against 746h in control. When feeding PVMA Intermiks VS–10% (hrouer–finisher) tends to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood (14.9%), hemoglobin (in 6,13.6%), leukocytes (1.54,2%). For PVMA Intermiks VS–10% (finisher) in the diet of animals between group difference was observed all blood parameters are within the physiological norm. It is concluded that for practical use in feeding young pigs in growing meat are recommended fed PVMA Intermiks VS–10% (hrouer–finisher).


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