The effectiveness of the use of acidifiers in the industrial growing of broiler chickens

  • S. V. Demchuschun Ternopil Experimental Station of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine NAAS
Keywords: acidifiers, chickens, broilers, fattening


As an alternative to feed antibiotics for saving poultry livestock and increasing productivity the acidifiers based on organic and inorganic acids are used more and more frequently. The article represents the results of study of effectiveness of Fidacid acidifier usage for breeding broiler chickens. The study has been conducted on two groups of broiler chickens of Ross 308 breed. The chickens of the experimental group except the full feed–stuff have been given the acidifier at a rate of 1 liter per 1 ton of water. The watering has been carried out from the 27th day of feeding for 10 days (27 – 31 and 34 – 38 days). It has been established that the acidifier watering from the 27th day of breeding chickens has contributed to the increase of preservation of livestock in 4.6%. The overall mortality of chickens has decreased in 2 times (P ≤ 0,001) and amounted to 4.3%, with the permissible limit up to 5%. It has been found that the application of the acidifier has promoted the economy of feed at higher productive indices. There has been a decrease in cost of feed per 1 head in 8.7% (P ≤ 0,01) and a decrease in feed conversion in the experimental group in 0.19 units. This is the evidence of better digestibility of feed and its taking by the bodies of chickens. The live weight of broiler chickens of the experimental group on the 43rd day of breeding increased in 47 grams and carcass weight increased in 30 grams, that is in 1.8% and 1.6% (P ≤ 0,01), respectively. The European index of efficiency in the experimental group has been 56.5 units higher than in the control group of chickens.


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