Assessment breeding high–yielding cows bukovynske factory type of ukrainian red–white dairy cattle

  • A. I. Lyubinskiy National University of Kamyanets–Podilsky Ivan Ogienko
Keywords: bull–sires, genetic potential, genealogy, lactation, line, milk yield, selection, type


The results of research on the assessment of breeding qualities of high performance cows Bukovina Ukrainian plant type red–white dairy breed. Established that the productive potential of the cow estimated high enough that opens significant opportunities for formation buhayvidtvoryuvalnoyi group of cows to produce the next generation of producers. Much of cows good milking combines high content of fat and protein in milk. The best indicators for milk yield (over 7000 kg) were daughters of sires Captain 6775, Artek 344, Polar 49, Mozart 475, Dzharomira 6296217, Guido 40535, Madzhesti 2071114. For fat milk probably stood daughter Nord 3126 (3.86%) and was the lowest rate in cows that received from the Senate in 1632, 3160 and Lighthouse Dzharomira 6296217 (3.75%). The content of protein in milk was the best daughter of Captain 6775, Artek 344, Polar 49, 475 Mozart (3.31 – 3.33%) and slightly lower figure was Dzharomira daughters 6296217 (3.25%). Note that the daughter of Captain bulls 6775, the Arctic 49, Nord 3126 well combine high milk production of fat and protein in milk. It is appropriate to further use of highly productive cows, bulls–sires and their descendants in the system of selection and breeding herds in the creation of high–performance factory type Bukovina Ukrainian red–white dairy breed for specific economic conditions and effective improvement genealogical structure


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