Technological features of pork with PSE and DFD defects

  • N. V. Novhorodska Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Keywords: raw, pork, quality, defects, PSE, DFD, pH of meat, color, consistency, technological features


In conditions of Ukraine`s  membership in WTO new system of market regulation are created, which must meet requirements of EU to quality and safety of food products. Recently, in total amount of meat  which  comes to processing , part of pork with PSE and DFD defects are increased according to Ukrainian and foreign researchers. It is 50% of total amount. In this article shown the results of  quality assesment of pork with  PSE and DFD defects in comparison  with NOW raw by organoleptic indicators and by pH level. Recently, the total amount of meat that goes to processing, the share of raw meat with signs PSE (pale, soft, watery) i DFD (dark, hard, dry) according to Ukrainian and foreign researchers it is 50% of raw materials. Processing of the meat on the traditional technological scheme there is instability quality indicators and output finished products. Increasing the number of meat with signs PSE i DFD leads not only to find ways to identify it, to prevent the emergence of such raw materials, but also requires the use of rational methods of processing such meat, because it conveys uncharacteristic technological properties, texture, taste, color and smell, which complicates the process of getting him meat products of high quality. In developed European countries, the amount of meat with signs PSE and DFD ranges from 5 to 40%, in CIS countries the quantity reaches 80% more meat with signs PSE recorded in pork and DFD is more typical for beef . It was established that organoleptic indicators of pork with PSE defects was differed  from high quality meat(NOR), and pork with DFD defects differed, it was darker than quality meat. PH level difference between NOR and DFD pork decreased while store process, and between NOR and PSE – increased.


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