Modern aspects of operation liner teat cups

  • A. P. Paliy Kharkov National Technical University of Agriculture name of Vasilenko
Keywords: milking, liner, service life, impact, dug, method


Major traumatic effect in milking cows has liner teat, a structural element of the milking cup. Tires that do not meet the requirements during milking animals may rub the nipple to corns and often causes bleeding, and is a peddler of disease, as are cracks rubber breeding sites of infection, which affects the quality of milk and often causes mastitis. An improved method of diagnosing performance properties liner teat milking cups is done as follows: using metering unit is working length rubber. Then make measurement extension product in tension under the weight of 6 kg, which occurs within 60 seconds, and exercise determine deformation sucker. The next phase is carried calculation of the duration of use liner in days (T), taking into account the number of milking machines in milking installation (к), frequency of milking herds per day (m) and the number of cows in the herd, which caters milking unit (n)After making these measurements and calculations, the results are interpreted as follows: liner teat milking cups usable only if its elongation under a load of 6 kg not exceeding 5 mm, deformation of the suction cup is in the range from 0 mm to 3 mm. If the life of the liner, as calculated by the formula is more than 185 days, it replaced no later than 6 months of operation. Scientific and economic experiments established that the introduction given by way of selection, condition monitoring and timely replacement liner teat milking cups enhances the intensity milk output 5.2 – 7.5%, decrease in the duration of the milking by 8.0 – 10.5%, disease of cows to mastitis to 8,5%. Implemented research and development will allow for broader studies that focus on technological process of machine milking cattle. Further findings will create prerequisites for optimum interaction liner teat milking cups from the udder of animals.


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