• A. P. Goncharuk Vinnitsa National Agrarian University
Keywords: pigs, PVMA, feeding, hematological parameters


Study of new feeding PVMA  Intermiks on hematological parameters conducted on three groups–analogues young pigs of large white breed, on 12 goals each, weaned from the sow at 45 days age.

It is shown that when fed in phase PVMA Intermiks 20–35 kg blood feeding young pigs increased iron content (by 14,24 and 4,72 %), phosphorus (12,5 % and 5,71 %) and albumin (for 4,26–5,07 %) (P < 0,05). For other indicators tends to increase them to the reference value or reference value corresponds. Thus, the content of red blood cells of animal research groups increased by 5,96, leukocytes at 7,56–5,84 %. It is noted also unlikely to increase the protein content 3,13–1,9 % calcium 6,15–1,9%, 3 % lymphocytes and hemoglobin at 3,0–2,24 %.

 In phase feeding pigs blood 35–65 kg an increase in hemoglobin and phosphorous (P < 0,05), and the upward trend to control levels of red blood cells to 9,9–4,3 %, color index of the third group 8,2 % of leukocytes by 5,2 %. There is also improbable increase of 3,9–2 % protein, calcium 7,8–2,9 %, iron 10,5–5,9 % albumin in 11,1–5,9 %.

In phase feeding 65–110 kg haematological indices almost no difference between group and within the physiological norm. There is only a slight tendency to increase the number of red blood cells at 1–4,93 % in comparison to the control group, at 6,1–3,64 % hemoglobin, white blood cells to 1,5–4,2 % eosinophils in 9,57–14, 3% of band neutrophils in 16,7–5,5 % of total protein in 2,6–4,9 % 6,7–4,3 % calcium, phosphorus on 9,5–11,7 % iron at 4–11 % albumin to 1–8,7 %.


Author Biography

A. P. Goncharuk, Vinnitsa National Agrarian University
graduate student


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