• I. V. Datsyuk Vinnytsia national agrarian University
  • N. A. Mazurenko Vinnytsia national agrarian University
Keywords: piglets, premixes, feeding, average daily gain, payment of feed, hematological parameters


In the production of pork to feed grains to ensure animals are regulated by the norms of nutrients and biologically active substances is difficult, without the use of enriching additives, including premixes. The latter include premixes intermix met that are manufactured in the production facilities of the Ukrainian company «Intergrated» (Vinnytsia). The composition is developed considering specific forage management, the genotype of the animals and their needs in a specified batteries, with the aim of achieving high performance.

Premixes intermix met US –1 % and intermix met US –3 % designed for use in feeding pigs age group 65–110 kg and contains about thirty batteries of organic, mineral and VTune nature. The aim of the research was to study the feeding and hematological parameters in young pigs when fed premixes intermix met.

Research conducted on three groups–analogues of the young pigs of large white breed, with 12 animals each. It is shown that the feeding of a new premix intermix met sun–2,5 % within 71 days of the fattening period increases average daily gain by 120g, or 15.9% and reduces the consumption of feed per 1 kg increase by 14,4 %; premix intermix met US –1 % in the diet increased the weights only 5,7 % in comparison with the control, whose role was to premix the Euromix tab 120–0,5 %.

The consumption of the studied premixes determines in the blood of pigs, the increase in hemoglobin, segmented neutrophils, phosphorus and albumin and a decrease in the percentage of eosinophils.

Other indicators of significant differences between the groups exist, but their value approaches the upper limit of the physiological norm. The level of average daily gain in animals of the experimental groups 796 and g ( control g), as well as of age, live weight 110–120 kg (183 days) is consistent with the parameters of intensive technology of pork production.

By results of researches it is concluded that feeding young pigs for fattening premka intermix met sun–2,5 % increases average daily gain by 120 g, or 15,93 % while reducing the energy costs of feed units 14,43 %, whereas at intermix met US –1 % growth increase only 5,71 %. And when used in the diets of fattening pigs premix intermix met US–1 and US –2,5 % of their blood increases the haemoglobin content, segmented neutrophils, phosphorus and albumin, and reduced the percentage of eosinophils. Other indicators of significant differences between the groups does not exist.

Further research is aimed at studying the digestibility of dietary nutrients and the exchange of nitrogen when feeding a premix intermix met.

Author Biographies

I. V. Datsyuk, Vinnytsia national agrarian University
post–graduate student
N. A. Mazurenko, Vinnytsia national agrarian University
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences


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