• B. Ya. Kyryliv Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, Lviv
Keywords: proteolytic, amylolytic and lipolytic activities, quail breed of


The article presents data results of the research activity of digestive enzymes in young and adult quails breed "Pharaoh" in critical periods of their growth and development (7–, 21– 42– and 72–day),  during the complete resorption yolk juvenile molt, sexual and early maturation and egg laying at the peak.

The high activity of digestive enzymes in the tissues of the pancreas. In particular, the proteolytic activity – 2–10 times, amylase activity – in 2–5 times, and lipolytic activity – in 2–8 times was higher than in other tissues studied by us. In this case, detected increasing age regularity of proteolytic and lipolytic activity in the tissues of the examined organ. While the amylolytic activity was similar in poultry 21– and 72 days old and the lowest in quails 42 days old. It was shown that the activity of hydrolytic enzymes at different age periods depends from content of nutrients in feed, including protein and energy in the diet and is consistent with the intensity of increased body weight quail.


Author Biography

B. Ya. Kyryliv, Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, Lviv
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences


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