• N. Mikhur LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
  • Y. Pivtorak LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
  • R. Paranyak LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Keywords: intensive fattening, calves, energetic nutrition, assimilation, digestibility, nutrients, efficiency of using, stern factor


The materials of the article deals with the results of long–term search performed on bulls fattening of Ukrainian Black – Spotted Dairy breed, from birth to 15–18 months of age. To explain the features of the intensity of the growth and metabolism in calves organism depending on the age and energetic  ensure during the year–round fattening was the main task of the research. In this case the results of research were presented, namely bull consumption of dry matter and available energy, studying the digestibility of nutrients, nitrogen balance, dynamics of growth intensity and economic results evaluation. Food, scar content, indices of growth intensity of experimental  animals were the material for the research. It should be noted that the theoretical question due to the organization  of young cattle complete  feeding intended for fattening have a different direction and continue to be studied. Herewith, an important condition of intensive feeding is stable supply of animals  needs in the energy and nutrients in all periods of growth, the establishment of level power supply in ration that provides adequate rate of animals growth  and obtain the required number of products at 15 months of age, thereby reduces the fattening period.

The researches were directed on the developing a cheaper alternative way of cattle feeding with different feed expenses, which will reduce the cost of producing beef without compromising with its quality indicators, because it depends on the competitiveness of production capacity in the market.


Author Biographies

N. Mikhur, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy

graduate student

Y. Pivtorak, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor
R. Paranyak, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor


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