• G. A. Paskevich LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
  • O. V. Kozenko LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Keywords: line, cross, hybrid, genetic structure, blood groups, biochemical polymorphism, heterozygosis, genetic distance


The genetic structure of initial lines, parental forms and final hybrids of three home and two foreign  egg chicken crosses, spread at the farms of  Ukraine, with the usage of two classes of genetic markers are investigated. It is determined that the lines on the whole are consolidated, and each  of them has its immunogenetic  status by set and frequency of marker signs and  by level of  heterozygosis. It has been shown that the erythrocytic antigens  A12, X14  and X62  may be  the  markers of the line. The essential genetic similarity between the chicken crosses of German  and  Czech  selection  is determined, that indicates their general origin.

During hybridization the increasing  of  the  heterozygosis level to 14,25 – 30,63 % is held, what is situated  on the  level of more  heterozygosis  initial line or exceeds it  considerably. The  expediency of usage of the egg chicken crosses of home selection at  the  poultry farms of Ukraine is based.


Author Biographies

G. A. Paskevich, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
O. V. Kozenko, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor


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