• T. Y. Prudyus LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
  • Y. I. Kyryliv LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
  • B. S. Barylo LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Keywords: broiler–chickens, activio, total lipids, lipid classes, thigh and sternum muscles, products of lipid peroxidation


As a result of the research which studied the effect of adding optimal dose of dietary food additive Activia to the diet of broiler chickens it has been found that in the process of growing live weight of chickens at the age of  42 days  increases for  473.35 grams or by 17,32 percent

Using activio drug in feeding of broiler–chickens the level of total lipids is reduced in the liver, chest and thigh muscles respectively 4,07 %, 28,18 %, 3,46 %. During the allocation of total lipids into classes in the liver it was found out a significant reduction of free cholesterol by 22,36 % and increasing of non–esterified  fatty acids by 51,23% and esters by 23,45 %. The level of mono– and diacylglycerol, non–esterified  fatty acids and triacylglycerols and in pectoral muscles esters and free cholesterol are increased.

It was also search the content of lipid peroxidation products in tissues of broiler chickens. So in hip muscle MDA was lower by 23,48 %, TBA – by 45,12 %, and pectoral muscles respectively 28,46 % and 40,00 %. This may testify a high antioxidant property of supplements activio, which is important for the preservation of the meat during freezing and subsequent storage.


Author Biographies

T. Y. Prudyus, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
graduate student
Y. I. Kyryliv, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
doc. agric.sci., professor, corresponding member UAAS
B. S. Barylo, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
cand.agric. sci.


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