• L. M. Fialovych LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
  • Ia. I. Kyryliv LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy


The materials of the article presents the results of researches, conducted on a breeding flock of geese with the including to their ratio dry apple pomaces with the adding highly–efficient additive. The methods of increasing splitting and digestion of nutrients of this non–traditional forage by geese, owing to the usage of ferment preparations is presented in the article. The sustenance of dry apple pomaces shows the possibility of their usage as forage additive, however with the significantly increased doses of secondary material resources in fodder, necessary additional usage of biologically active additives, in particular ferment preparations in conditions of the increasing products of apple processing for better supply to the organism of poultry nutrients of these non–traditional forage. Meanwhile it was determined the influence of these additives on incubation and nutritive qualities of eggs, particularly the increasing of the content of carotenoids in the yolk of geese eggs that means their better ability to transform from pomaces into yolks. Owing to the addition of 10 % dry apple pomaces of additional enrichment by ferment preparation, increases the level of geese egg production, improves the hatchability and viability of goslings. Thus, it is obvious that the usage of ferment preparation with the partially increased amounts of this non–traditional forage, allows to feed geese with the cheap, theoretically useless, but practically fully–ratio dry apple pomaces, while reaching better results of productivity.

Author Biographies

L. M. Fialovych, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Ia. I. Kyryliv, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, corresponding member of UAAS


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