• N. V. Novgorodska Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
  • V. V. Blashchuk Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Keywords: honey, origin, quality, organoleptic, physical and chemical properties, study, DSTU


Nowadays Ukrainian honey market is one of the most perspective among all agriculture sphere. Honey and beekeeping products producing considered enough profitable,  because demand exceeds proposition in developed country.

Study aim: to study honey quality for demand organoleptic, physical and chemical indicators according to  DSTU 4497:2005.

Organoleptic analysis is one method, that allow to differentiate  high quality product from ordinary, falsified from natural, to detect early evidence of spoil. Thats why it is necessary to pay much attention for taste and aroma during organoleptic rating.

Organoleptic indicators has a great value for honey quality control.  According to DSTU 4497:2005 «Natural Honey. Technical Conditions» we checked color, aroma, taste, consitence, presence of impurity, signs of fermentation. Organoleptic indicators of tested honey samples fully meet the requirements DSTU 4497:2005 «Natural Honey. Technical Conditions». According to data table for all samples honey has pleasant taste and aroma, signs of fermentation and impurity are absent.

Physical and chemical indicators of honey quality give more accurate characteristic of composition and properties.  We tested all sampler for humidity, pH, diastase activity.

It was found that honey test samples for physical and chemical indicators fully meet the requirements of DSTU 4497:2005 «Natural Honey. Technical Conditions». All indicators are in  standard range.

So, honey samples edible and have no any human health threat.

Conclusions. All four tested honey  samples can be  rated as first class for organoleptic, physical and chemical properties and meet the requirements of the DSTU 4497:2005 «Natural Honey».


Author Biographies

N. V. Novgorodska, Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
PhD, associate professor
V. V. Blashchuk, Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
PhD, associate professor


Dyrektyva Rady 2001/110/YeS [Council Directive 2001/110/EC]. – [Elektronnyi resurs]. – Rezhym dostupu: http://www. old.minjust.gov.ua/file/31595. (in Ukrainian).

DSTU 4497:2005. Med natural'nyj. Tekhnichni umovy. [DSTU 4497:2005 Natural Honey. Technical Conditions]. Nadano chynnosti 2004–01–08. – K.: Derzhspozhyvstandart Ukrainy, 2004. – 35 s. (in Ukrainian).

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