• O. Ohirko LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
  • М. Ohirko LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Keywords: Environmental ethics, Albert Schweitzer, responsibility, Francis of Assisi, God, freedom, conscience, Theocentrism, Christian ethics


The article deals with the Christian aspects of environmental ethics. The sources and the development of environmental ethics. Developed by the German philosopher A. Schweitzer ethics of reverence for life based on biocentrism. When using natural person often is served by complete freedom. The freedom gives way to nature and creates damage. Moral values of environmental ethics provide distribution not only on people but also on the ecosystem. Christian specified on the relationship and environmental ethics.


Author Biographies

O. Ohirko, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy
Ph.D., Associate Professor
М. Ohirko, LNUVMB named after S. Z. Gzhytskiy


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Ohirko, O. V. (2012). Khrystyianska etyka: Navchalnyi posibnyk. – Ostroh: Natsionalnyi universytet «Ostrozka akademiia», Sumy, 324. (in Ukrainian).

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