• I. V. Vyhovskii State Humanitarian University of Rivne, Rivne
Keywords: grasslands, erosive slopes, perennial grasses, grass-herbage legumes, structure yield, fertilizer, growth stimulator


Currently, the productivity increase of grass-legume mixtures is important because in the coming years the area of perennial grasses will increase essentially due meadow lands on slopes withdrawn from active cultivation.

We present the results of studies that have shown that an important factor in increasing the efficiency of meadow forage production on sloping lands is the correct selection, fertilization and crop vegetation structure as well as an  organization of improved flow of green material and feeding it to animals.

The most favorable conditions for the formation of vegetation patterns were observed in grass mixture consisting of Medicago sativa alfalfa crop, Lotus corniculatus lyadvenets Horned, Bromus Rump beardless inermis, and Lolium multiflorum. The largest share (57,6 %) of leaves was provided by the hay used in the third harvest of  grass-legume grass in mineral  fertilizer N60P60K90 and fymar as a growth stimulator.  In the first harvest the relative weight of stems was 48,0-61,9%.


Author Biography

I. V. Vyhovskii, State Humanitarian University of Rivne, Rivne
candidate of agriculture


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