• V. Iu. Mamchenko Zhytomyr National Agrarian and Ecological University, Zhytomyr city
Keywords: peculiarities of feeding, tested group, control group, ration, raw, digestable protein, carotene, fat dairy, dairy fat, dairy coefficient, living weight


The article observes the features of feeding dairy cows in private farm. As a result of these studies, two similar groups of cows with a live weight of 500 kg were formed. The control group received ration of the company and tested - experimental.

It was determined that cows in the control group the ration was unbalanced based on raw and digestible protein and carotene, an insufficient number of which reduces the amount of milk yield and nutrient absorption ration.

The animals of the tested group who received the experimental diet, these indicators were within acceptable limits.

Milk yield for 150 days of lactation cows of the control group was within 2610,2 kg, and their advanced analogs – 2837 kg, which is more in 226,8 kg. Such indicators as the ratio of milk and milk fat were greater in the tested group, respectively, 34,9 and 8,6 kg.

All this indicates that the balanced feeding on the basic parameters nutritionally helps to ensure a higher average daily milk yields with high content of milk fat.


Author Biography

V. Iu. Mamchenko, Zhytomyr National Agrarian and Ecological University, Zhytomyr city
Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor


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