• A. Khomenko Belotserkovsky national agrarian university
  • S. Merzlov Belotserkovsky national agrarian university
Keywords: microalgae, feed additive, biomass Spirulina platensis, egg productivity, quails, live weight, feed, average daily gain


The effect of using different doses feed supplement Spirulina platensis in live weight and average daily weight gain quail, as well as the stimulation of egg productivity. Introduction of spirulina supplements in the amount 3,0 % by weight of feed positively affect weight gain quail. At the age of 22, 36 and 50 days of live weight poultry was higher at 3,07 %; 5,15 and 4,03 % or 3,18 g, 12,7 and 11,4 g respectively, compared with the control. For so many supplements also noted increasing average daily gain of body weight quail. During the period from 9 th to 22 th day increased by increments of 0,21 grams, or 3,8 % compared with the control. And of the 23 to 36 day average daily poultry increased by 10,7 % or 1,0 g relative to control. The introduction of the feed to 2,0 % and 3,0 % additive positive effect at the beginning of quail egg. By entering biomass Spirulina platensis 3,0 % of the feed noted earlier beginning quail egg in III-th experimental group (aged 40 days) compared with the control. With feed additive in amount 2,0 % and 3,0 % (II and III experimental groups) the number of eggs taken down on day 45 was higher relative to controls.


Author Biographies

A. Khomenko, Belotserkovsky national agrarian university

graduate student

S. Merzlov, Belotserkovsky national agrarian university
doctor of agricultural sciences, professor


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