• O. Yaremko Lviv national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies named after S.Z.Gzhytskyj
Keywords: physiology, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calves, serum total protein, protein fractions


The results of studies of the effect of different doses of pyridoxine hydrochloride on performance of protein metabolism, namely, the amount of total protein and protein fractions in the blood serum of dairy calves growing period. Introduction to the diets of biologically active substances, which include pyridoxine, is one way to increase the productivity of animals [2, 4]. The term pyridoxine on three similar chemical nature of the compound - pirydoksol, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine. In the cells of all three forms of the vitamin can easily turn into each other. Entering the body, pyridoxine phosphorylated and converted to pyridoxal-5-phosphate (PALF). PALF is the prosthetic group of some enzymes that catalyze important processes of protein metabolism, including transamination of amino acids (coenzyme aminotransferase), their decarboxylation (coenzyme decarboxylase) desulfuvannya and racemization. Participates in the removal of biogenic amines (coenzyme aminooksydaz) in the synthesis of complex proteins hemproteyiniv (δ-coenzyme synthetase aminolevulinovoyi acid) metabolism of the amino acid tryptophan biosynthesis of sphingolipids in glycogenolysis (glycogen phosphorylase cofactor), etc. [1, 6]. Therefore, the magnitude of the impact of pyridoxine hydrochloride on some indices of protein metabolism depends on the dose and age of the calves.



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