Quality control system for meat processing enterprises in Ukraine: problems and ways of their solution

  • I. C. Stetsiv NU “Lviv Polytechnic”, Lviv, Ukraine https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4982-1355
  • I. I. Stetsiv Lviv State University of Life Safety, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: control parameters, control points, three-dimensional matrix model of control


We have researched the scientists' opinions on the classification of product quality control and, based on the research conducted, organized a classification using a scientifically based approach. In general, the attention of scientists is paid to factors affecting the quality of products, while issues of the quality control system and factors of influence on it are insufficiently investigated. We have identified and grouped the factors influencing the quality control system of domestic meat processing enterprises by organizational, technical and subjective features. We conducted a survey of leading specialists of the most successful representatives of the meat processing industry today in order to identify the rating of negative factors. The most important factors of influence are the serviceability of equipment, devices, working tools and measuring instruments, through which the level of its quality is measured. We investigated the typical scheme of the production process, indicating the quality control points of domestic meat processing enterprises. We have found a lack of control of the value of meat raw materials at the entrance, which does not allow calculating with suppliers of raw materials, depending on the categories to which the pork actually belongs. We recommend that quality control be performed at the slaughter section between the 4th and 5th stages of the technological stage, namely after the sting of a pig with the use of special devices that are currently absent in domestic meat processing plants. The proposed measures to improve the quality control system will provide an opportunity for a comprehensive assessment of its quality and contribute to a reduction in the cost of production, resulting in increased profitability of enterprises, which suggests the feasibility of their use for meat processing enterprises in Ukraine. The three-dimensional matrix model of quality control of products of meat processing enterprises has been developed. The advantage of this model lies in the coherence of all parameters, as well as in establishing interrelationships and interdependencies between them. It is proved that the application of the proposed multivariate matrix model of product quality control in the indicated parameters enables to evaluate the quality of the meat-processing enterprise's products, taking into account all parameters of control, namely levels of control, types of control, stages of the control process and can be used for any subject of economic activity taking into account industry specifics and specific management objectives.


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