Modern technologies of equipping of animal husbandry rooms

Keywords: livestock premises, frame and awning hangars, heat pump


Modern technologies for the construction of livestock rooms, inexpensive foundations, short construction time, low material capacity of the building, the possibility of using a leasing payment scheme are factors that will minimize construction costs. At much lower initial cost, frame and awning livestock rooms pay off much faster than capital buildings, with the construction of livestock rooms cost 3–5 times cheaper. The standard hangar designs are versatile and versatile. The form determines the amount of working space inside the hangar, depending on the purpose of the operation. Width standard up to 30 m. Length – proportional, step between arches 3 m. They are tent, arched and straight. Frame and awning hangars up to 1500 square meters, m. are considered to be high-speed mobile structures of temporary type. No permits are required for their construction. There is no need for the construction of the foundation, the involvement of large machinery. Despite the “temporary type”, metal construction is reliable. Construction is carried out according to the developed design standards – SP 384.1325800.2018. If necessary, the awning membrane can be easily and quickly repaired or replaced with a new one after 10–15 years. The most effective way to insulate a hangar today is to insulate it by spraying polyurethane foam. Depending on the technological scheme of installation of equipment of livestock premises, the required number, size and location of the farm gate is determined. The ends of the livestock premises are equipped with swing gates for the entry of transport, distributing feed to the feeding table, the gates can be awning or metal, sectional, recoil or swing. At the request of the customer can be designed passages for pushing. In order to reduce electricity consumption for heating purposes and to save money on electricity, we propose to equip the heating system of frame and awning hangars with another source of heat supply – a heat pump. To reduce electricity costs for heating radiators, it is necessary to install thermostatic valves at the rate of one valve per radiator. The electric power of the heat pump with a minimum conversion factor (KP) will be 12.5 kW. Electricity costs for circulation of such volume of a brine at resistance of 8 m make about 0,5 kW. Energy savings when using a heat pump in monetary terms at an electricity tariff of 193.28 kopecks. without VAT for 1 kW. year will be 59976 × 193.28 = 115.922 thousand UAH without VAT.


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