Analysis of the state of recreational and tourist activity in Yavoriv National Nature Park

Keywords: Yavoriv National Nature Park, natural resources, recreation, tourism, ways of improving activities.


The article analyzes the sites of Yavoriv National Nature Park, which are of great recreational and tourist importance. The features of the development of ecological tourism in Yavoriv National Nature Park are highlighted, the tourism and resource potential of the park is estimated. The problems and prospects of using the region's recreational and tourism resources were noted. The reasons for hindering the further development of the tourist and recreational industry in the park are indicated. National nature parks create a unique opportunity to coordinate the tasks of nature conservation with the needs of balanced use of natural resources and rest of the population. Yavoriv National Nature Park is a catalyst for the sustainable development of the region and a base for the development of recreational, tourist, environmental, environmental, scientific, as well as an incentive for the development of related types of entrepreneurial activity in the area. Information on the species diversity of the park makes it possible to develop and implement measures aimed at preserving biotic, ecosystem, landscape diversity, sustainable nature and improving the socio-economic standard of living of the local population. Yavoriv National Nature Park has significant natural, historical and cultural resources. There are many attractive places for the development of cognitive tourism: numerous picturesque hills-remains with rocky outcrops of massive limestones and calcareous sandstones, caves, boulders of Scandinavian origin; favorable conditions have also arisen for the development of various types of tourism: local cognitive, sacral, sports (hiking, horseback, cycling), skilled tourism (fishing). Recreational activities on the territory of the park are a direct investment in the economic development of the region, it is carried out by creating favorable conditions for visitors' recreation and covers: arrangement of ecological and tourist routes and recreation areas; organization of ecological camps for schoolchildren and youth; involvement of the local population in recreational activities (provision of paid services for visitors in accommodation, meals and support); providing information services through print, photo and video production, production of information stands; Attraction and cooperation with the recreational institutions of the region to visit the park territory.


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