Regulation of fish resources rational using on the territory of the NNP “BUG GARD”

Keywords: fishing, environmental legislation, poaching, fishery protection measures, offenses, illegal fishing gear, catch, national nature park


Today on the territory of Ukraine there are 40 national nature parks which include the NNP “Bug Gard”. One of the main tasks of the NNP is to preserve the valuable natural objects and to develop the scientific recommendations for protecting the environment and using the natural resources efficiently. Modern poaching, with its mass, technical armament, impunity and constant rapid growth, poses a serious threat to the national security of Ukraine. Significant damage to fishing and fish farming on the territory of the NNP “Bug Gard” is caused by the actions of poachers. During the functioning of the NNP “Bug Gard” the State Protection Service constantly conducts inspections and patrols the territory of the park to identify and to stop violations of the environmental legislation. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the fish protection measures carrying out in the Bug National Nature Park by the State Protection Service has been assessed. Annually the State Protection Service of the NNP “Bug Gard” conducts on average of 120 activities to identify environmental offenses, practices the explanatory talks, on average, 600 conversations per year, which are aimed at clarifying the environmental legislation in the field of fauna and flora protection, as well as it constantly informs the public through the media about the individual cases of poaching in order to further preventing the environmental offenses. Annually, an average of 1.000 leaflets with the fire safety rules on the territory of the NNP and with the environmental issues were produced and distributed among the population and the visitors of the park. It is established that, according to the analysis, the State Protection Service of the NNP “Bug Gard” carries out the effective measures in the field of fish resources conserving and rational using in the area of its responsibility, carries out a widespread waste water pollution control in the water bodies, creates the conditions for normal fish reproduction and keeps a track of environmental and fishing offenses, which not only preserves the flora and fauna, but also compensates the damage caused by the actions of poachers and other violators.


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