Influence of conditions of keeping bee families in wintering on their productivity

Keywords: bees, subframe space, honey productivity, wax productivity, winter hardiness, family strength.


Creating favorable conditions for the development of bee colonies, adherence to technological techniques and processes are of great importance in increasing productivity. The article highlights the results of research on the impact of increased subframe space during the wintering of bee colonies on their further development and productivity. In the course of the research, bee colonies were evaluated on the basis of a set of economically useful traits. For research, 2 groups of bee colonies were identified, 10 in each, equivalent in strength and food security, with young fertile queens bred in the same year. The formation of experimental groups took into account the strength of bee colonies, the number of closed brood, the age of the queens, the availability of feed (honey and perga), and the quality of nest cells. These indicators in the experimental groups were almost the same. When preparing bee colonies for winter, the frames in the families of the control group were in the center of the hive, removed the top insulation and unscrewed the sheets by 5–7 sm in the experimental group performed the same actions as in the control winters substituted empty store extensions, thus increasing the subframe space. During the research, honey and wax productivity, strength of families in different periods of the active season and winter hardiness were determined. It was found that bees kept in the hives with increased subframe space, in which 76.1 % less plague was detected, compared with the control group, tolerate wintering well. These families are developing more intensively in the spring and summer period – the advantage in strength was 25.8 % in April, 31.4 % in May, and 31.6 % in June. And further they show higher honey and wax productivity by 24.9 and 32.1 %, respectively.


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