A mathematical model for the analysis of quality level of livestock products

Keywords: livestock, welfare of animals, quality of products, mathematical model, tabular processor


Livestock products that is supplied to the consumers must meet the certain standards of quality. Quality is estimated on the size of some indexes. The proper values of these indexes of quality are provided at the products manufacture in agricultural enterprises. Livestock products of corresponding quality can be got only from healthy animals at maintenance of that the proper level of welfare is provided. As on a animals `health, and, thus, on quality of products from it, the various factors of environment influence, there is a necessity of creation of methodology taking into account of total effect of such influence. A mathematical model is proposed by means of that it is possible to estimate influence of various ecological, technological, hygienical factors on quality of animals products is offered in this article. Such influence can be estimated by means of some coefficient of decline of products quality of animal in comparison maximally possible quality that takes place at comfort for an animal terms of maintenance. The groups of factors, that influence on welfare of animals, are certain, the scale of estimation of their influence is offered on the productivity of animals, the algorithm of determination of size of decline of stock quality of livestock coefficient of products and method of it realization are worked out by facilities of tabular processor. The offered methodology of determination of coefficient of quality decline of products of animals gives an opportunity to estimate influence of separate groups of factors on some index of quality, that is qualificatory for this type of products. It, in turn, allows to educe those defects in the system of retaining of animals, supervision upon them that most substantially influence on welfare of animals, and, thus, on quality of products from them. Application of the offered methodology of determination of quality coefficient of products of animals provides possibility of receipt of quantitative estimation of influence of various factors on quality of animals products, that, in turn, allows on the stage of planning, the production on the stage of designing agricultural livestock complexes to provide and minimize negative influences of separate factors.


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