Marketing principles for the formation of veterinary services

  • S. I. Poperechnyi Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv, Ukraine
  • L. V. Babych Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: service, veterinary service, market of services, competitiveness of service, marketing activity in the field of services


Тhe problems of the formation of market veterinary services and the marketing activity of business entities that provide such services are analyzed in the article. The practical significance of these problems is combined with inappropriate attention to this issue in scientific publications. They were not taking into consideration in the process of agriculture reforming on the basis of private property and market relations. The competitive environment in this area has not been formed by this time. Improper veterinary services, due to the limited funding of public veterinary services and the slow formation of non-state veterinary services, restrain the formation and development of family-type farms that mostly need of such services. Due to the problems of ensuring the safety of products, the possibilities of increasing the export of livestock products are limited. State support to newly created business entities with a focus on the provision of veterinary services was not provided. Because of  the high risk of such activity, bank loans were not involved in purchasing the necessary equipment. State veterinary services have significant competitive advantages because the material and technical base has been formed for a long time. The advantages of these services are being increased by repayment at the expense of state budget funds. Formally, the state departments of veterinary medicine were aimed at the formation and development of non-state alternative services. However, as a result of such efforts, one should expect coming the competitors in the market of veterinary services, the capacity of which was reduced. Accordingly, it is hopeless to expect that such efforts will be effective. It has been shown that the marketing activities of the services providing veterinary services should be carried out taking into account that the main competitive advantage of the veterinary service is a set of characteristics that is valuable for potential consumers. The customers of veterinary services first of all evaluate the possibility of obtaining operational professional assistance, reputation and professional behavior of the person providing the service, the level of the organizational process, availability of the necessary equipment and the package of services. A significant number of veterinary services are urgent and have destined seasonal nature, indicating the importance the efficiency factor in the veterinary service system.


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