Regional features of forming marketing measures for agricultural green development tourism

  • I.V. Vlasenko Vinnitsa Trade and Economic Institute of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Soborna Str., 70, Vinnitsa, 21050
Keywords: rural green tourism, entrepreneurship, rural areas, state policy, marketing


The article considers regional features of forming a complex of marketing of rural green tourism in conditions of economic instability. The purpose of the research is to develop theoretical and methodological approaches to the formation of a marketing complex of tourist enterprises of rural green tourism in Vinnytsia region. Theoretical and methodological provisions, scientific and practical recommendations for the promotion of rural green tourism services are substantiated. The state of development of marketing of rural green tourism in conditions of development of a market economy is analyzed. It is pointed out that rural green tourism should be considered as an integral part of the program of integrated socio-economic development of the village and its revival, as well as that due to the development of rural green tourism sustainable economic and demographic development in the countryside can be ensured. The promotion of a tourism product using marketing efforts called «Seven R» is shown. It is revealed that the majority of the rural green tourism industry is represented by small, mostly family, enterprises that do not use (or use very little) marketing approaches due to: lack of understanding of the principles and role of marketing in obtaining profit for small farms, and in connection with marketing expenditures. The main obstacles of the owners of the agro-villages themselves are indicated to carry out marketing measures for the promotion of their product to the market. It is shown that the marketing price policy of a product of agro-cells in the market is based on three factors: costs, demand, competition. In today's market conditions, the leader is a demand-driven price strategy: about 54.2% of marketing managers consider it a priority. Only about 15% of tourist enterprises in the region determine the main criterion of marketing pricing strategy competition. Prices of rural green tourism providers do not publicly disclose, but refer to the contractual price. For further development of rural green tourism in the region, the strategy of balanced regional development of the Vinnytsia region for the period until 2020 is considered. The list of problematic issues that hinder the development of rural tourism, the solution of which requires special regulatory regulation. It is proposed to formulate a clear marketing strategy for the development of the tourism industry of Ukraine at the national level, which should be consistent with the strategies and programs for tourism development at the regional level, which will enable to create new jobs, improve the quality of service provision and gradually improve the quality of infrastructure components (roads, agro churches , museums, etc.), which provides comfort of consumption of tourist services by foreign and domestic tourists.



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