Multicriterial marketing diagnostics of the market of private healthcare services in Ukraine

  • L.O. Ivanova
  • O.M. Vovchanska
Keywords: private healthcare services market, market monitoring, market conditions, medical services marketing, segmentation of the market of private medical services, factors of development of the market of private healthcare services, medical tourism, marketing


The article is devoted to the multicriterial marketing diagnostics of the market of private healthcare services in Ukraine and determine the influence of the marketing environment on the prospects of its development. It has been revealed that the low competitiveness of the state medical sector, ineffective marketing management, chronic shortage of funds for modernization and the creation of new medical facilities contribute to the development of private healthcare services in Ukraine. It is shown that the market of private healthcare services in Ukraine is developing according to different trends. The obstacles to the qualitative development of the socially-oriented market of private healthcare services in Ukraine are analysed. It is determined that the main ones are: lack of financial transparency of doing business, absence of state incentives, low coverage of voluntary medical insurance; low real incomes; the lack of proper legislative regulation of the private medical services market; lack of guarantees for domestic and foreign investors; marketing principles of financing healthcare in general; lack of transparency of the market. Today, there is no systematic approach and marketing strategies for building a business in the field of private healthcare services. Important components of the successful operation of a private healthcare institution as a business are the trademark (brand) and other intellectual property; team of specialists; real estate (own or leased); contracts with key clients; modern equipment. It is shown that only constant monitoring of the supply-demand ratio, the regular marketing assessment of its own business model allows a private healthcare institution to assess the market position and adapt to the changes in the marketing environment. It is proposed to carefully develop the strategy of integrated marketing communications, improve the culture of provision of medical services, improve the service, introduce the latest technologies in medical equipment and novelty of medical protocols, adhere to corporate ethics and client orientation in order to improve the position of private healthcare institutions on the market of medical services.



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