Algorithm of incorporation a staffing of livestock enterprises by the mathematical design of influence of environment on the animal productivity

  • B. Kozij
  • O. Stepanjuk
  • V. Novosad
Keywords: animals, productivity, welfare of animals, staffing of enterprise, carrying out discipline, mathematical model, quantitative methods, tabular


By the intensive conducting of certain stock-raising industry it should be remembered that only a healthy, properly retained animal can show a burst productivity that is predefined by her heredity. The real productivity of an animal will be some less from maximal due to unfavorable influence of environmental factors. The estimation of such influence is possible by means of coefficient of the productivity decrease. Determination of size of such coefficient can be made by his calculation by means of mathematical models and corresponding algorithms. To the factors that influence on the productivity of animals belongs also a level of carrying out discipline of livestock workers. Taking into account further development of stock-raising the need for highly qualified personnel and requirements to them will grow considerably. In this article a mathematical model is offered for the quantitative estimation of the influence of factors that take into account the presence of workers and level of carrying out discipline of workers in enterprise on the productivity of animals. Also the article offered an algorithm of realization of such estimation facilities by Excel. For determination of each factors influence, separate pages of book of spreadsheets is envisaged. The results of calculations are automatically fixed in the final table of estimation of influence of the staffing of stock-raising enterprise and observance of requirements to the welfare of animals on their productivity.


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