Improvement of informational environment of agricultural enterprises development

  • L.P. Petryshyn Lviv National Agrarian University
Keywords: agricultural enterprises, informational support, mobile communication, accurate agriculture


The article studies the issue of improvement of informational environment of agricultural enterprises development. The author makes conclusion about insufficient level of their informational support. The research presents some elements of foreign experience in the field of supply of informational services for farmers. It is stressed, that under current conditions, informational technologies are one of the main factors for improvement of efficiency and competitive capacity of agricultural enterprises. In the nearest future, they are going to become the main production resource for agriculture development. The article argues that new technological revolution will result in so-called «accurate agriculture». In crop production, it means that agricultural crops will be grown according to the technologies, which supply maximum optimal conditions of their development, harvesting, transportation, storage.

The work makes a short review of the most popular specialized sites for agricultural producers and marks their positive sides and drawbacks. The author stresses necessity to intensify role of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, State Office of Statistics and agrarian higher educational establishments in improvement of informational support for agricultural enterprises.

The article determines priority tasks of the system of informational support of AIC and defines main components of informational support for agricultural enterprises of forecast-analytic character. It is confirmed that efficient performance of modern information support for agricultural enterprises is possible only under conditions of substantial improvement of the technologies of mobile communication in the country. Particularly, introduction of 5 G connection will force crucial changes in business processes. In agriculture, it will be possible to use pilotless aircrafts, robots, introduce on-line monitoring of fields and animals. Finally, new technologies of crop production and animal breeding, as well as new standards of product quality and characteristics will be introduced. Agricultural enterprises will adopt to the changes, supporting transformation of their economic behavior.



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