Status and prospects of accommodation of hotel establishments in the Lviv region, for 2016

  • M.I. Fil
  • V.Z. Holiavka
  • T.O. Koropetska
Keywords: collective means of accommodation, similar means, tourists, foreigners, tourist activity, hotels, Lviv region


The article deals with collective accommodation establishments in the Lviv region, hotels and similar means of placement in cities and districts. The analyzed hotels, similar means of placement in the Lviv region for 2016. The dynamics of specialized accommodation facilities and collective accommodation facilities from 2011 to 2016 has been constructed. The quantitative assessment of the status and development of collective accommodation facilities is described. The main changes are related to the fact that the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, starting with the report for 2016. The article analyzes the number of conditions of accommodation of foreign citizens staying in hotels and similar means of placement from different countries. The article outlines how the citizens of Ukraine took advantage of the services of tourist activity providers.  Statistics are provided with the assistance of tourist organizations in the region, how many of our fellow citizens visited the countries of the world, where is the most. It is characterized how much tourists are served by tourism operators in 2016. The article shows the number of services provided, and from which countries foreign tourists in 2016 tourist enterprises of Lviv region. It is determined that one of the areas of studying the development of the tourism industry is to determine its impact on the national economy.



Statystychnyi zbirnyk (2017). Kolektyvni zasoby rozmishchuvannia ta turystychna diialnist u Lvivskii oblasti 2016. Holovne upravlinnia statystyky u Lvivskii oblasti. Lviv, 51 (in Ukrainian).

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Fil, M., Holiavka, V., & Koropetska, T. (2017). Status and prospects of accommodation of hotel establishments in the Lviv region, for 2016. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series Economical Sciences, 19(81), 45-48.
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