Integrated marketing communications – a new concept or a new look at the traditional marketing tool

  • N.R. Baluk
  • N.F. Basiy
  • S.V. Skubinskyi
Keywords: marketing conception, marketing communications, integrated marketing communications, strategy of the integrated marketing communications, communication pyramid, tree of communications, target audience, market of marketing communications, expense on market


In the article directions of comparison of concepts «marketing communications» and «integrated marketing communications» are considered in a few aspects. On the basis of analysis of definitions of marketing communications and integrated marketing communications different authors in scientific literature are educe their similarity or identity. In the aspect of forming of strategies of marketing communications and integrated marketing communications drawn conclusion about the necessity of their consideration not as chaotic set of tools, but as integral system or strategy. In connection with the necessity of obligatory integration of separate facilities of marketing communications impossibility is educed to use them separated one from other. From the point of view of integrating of influence of different instruments of marketing communications on different target audiences on every stage of «communicative pyramid» drawn conclusion about their general orientation on the achievement of certain goal of enterprise.  In the aspect of the complex, integrated and practically indivisible influence of marketing communications on efficiency of marketing activity of enterprise impossibility to separate influence of separate facilities of marketing communications on general efficiency of communicative and marketing activity is educed on the whole. On the basis of expert estimations progress of market of marketing communications trends are analysed in Ukraine. A tendency is educed to repressing application of synthetic facilities of marketing communications, that envisage integration of separate classic instruments. Drawn conclusion about integrating of all instruments of marketing communications a priori for all subjects of market of different level for the achievement of general efficiency them marketing activity.  Drawn conclusion about the necessity of application of marketing conception, but not his separate elements, in particular and the integrated marketing communications. In opposite case to the enterprise will difficult expect the achievement of desirable result from marketing activity on the whole and marketing communications in particular.



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