Efficiency of production of agrarian products by agricultural enterprises of Lviv region

  • A.N. Shulskyy Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: efficiency, production, profitability level, agrarian products, agricultural enterprises, plant growing, animal husbandry


The article analyzes the efficiency of agricultural production by agrarian enterprises. To accomplish the tasks and on the basis of this achievement, the goal of the study was conducted in a certain logical sequence using statistical materials during 2005–2016. Thus, in particular, the beginning of the study was carried out in the presence of all agricultural enterprises in the Lviv region and in the context of their separate groups. At the same time, each separate group of enterprises, presented separately using the materials of the Commercial Code. Such methodological approaches have allowed to find out the essential common and distinctive features of each individual group. The analysis of the level of profitability of the main types of agricultural products produced by agricultural enterprises of Lviv region (Table 2) gives grounds to state that in the plant growing areas the production of the products is profitable for the exclusion of potato production in 2016 (the level of loss-making was 7.9% and sugar beet in 2005 (the level of loss-making was 15.3%). In the livestock sector, the situation is more complicated, with a large part of the various types of products being unprofitable, because of the low profitability they stopped keeping sheep and goats. Table 3 shows the generalized performance indicators of production during 2010; 2015 and 2016 were positive. However, these achievements should not be considered from the standpoint of solving the problems of efficiency, because in general indicators are often not reflected specific negative phenomena. The data in Table 2 is a confirmation. From the given material it is possible to state that in the present conditions considerable support is required by the livestock sector. At the same time, the state should play a significant role in this support.


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