Economic methods of market research of meat industry, their essence and objectivity

  • A. Grymak
  • I. Urban
Keywords: methods, market, meat cattle breeding, demand, supply, research


Ukraine passed a complex and long-time period for the introduction of market relations. At the same time, world experience clearly confirms the feasibility and viability of the functioning of economic systems on a market basis. This means that a market with worked out market mechanisms can act as an economic regulator of relations between its participants and it can formulate demand and supply. As for the evaluation of the market for meat cattle, in our conditions it operates in the financial instability of agricultural and processing enterprises, tax tensions and even shadowing. This affects the formation of the organizational and economic mechanism of the market, both in terms of production and supply of products, and the relationship of partners. Therefore, there is an objective economic need to investigate the issue of meat production and the establishment of existing trends and factors that are created in the food market. Methodological basis of the research of meat cattle products market served methods of cognition, comparison, economic system analysis of processes in the market, marketing methods for analyzing the situation in the food market, statistical, monographic and economic and mathematical methods.

The methodological basis for the study of the efficiency of the operation of enterprises in the market for meat cattle is the information and use of methods and techniques of economic analysis. In addition to traditional data sources (public reporting and statistical materials), social surveys should also be used. The processing of the obtained data is carried out using methods of comparison, analysis and synthesis, balance, monographic, economic-statistical and economic-mathematical methods of research.



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