Market research on eggs and egg products in Ukraine

  • S. Sendetska Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv
Keywords: eggs, market, egg production volumes, export, consumption, brand, price, profitability, poultry industry, private peasant farms


The article shows that the Ukrainian egg market in recent years is characterized by a declining market environment, due to large volumes of production and limited exports due to outbreaks in the country of avian influenza. Graphically shows the dynamics of egg production and their profitability in agricultural enterprises for the ‎‎1990-2016 years. The reasons for a significant decrease in production volumes in ‎‎2015–2016 are determined. It is determined that the share of private peasant farms in total production in 2016 amounted to almost half of all production. Graphically, the eggs production dynamics in agricultural enterprises and private farms for the period of ‎‎1990-2016 is described and characterized. The fluctuations of egg prices, changes in the volumes of eggs and egg products have been characterized. A comparison is made between Ukrainian exports and the world's largest egg exporters. The main export markets for eggs and egg products are determined. The structural changes in the export of Ukrainian egg products and markets for its sale has been analyzed. The largest egg producers in Ukraine are identified. The two largest manufacturers are described, their market shares are determined, activity has been analyzed over the past three years, problems have been identified, their causes and possible solutions. The division of the Ukrainian packaged eggs market into two main segments has been characterized. The competitive advantages in each of them have been determined.


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