Economic efficiency and investment attractiveness of vermiculture goods production

  • V. Chemerus
  • V. Dushka
  • V. Maksym
Keywords: economic efficiency, investment attractiveness, vermiculture products


In the article the conducted researches of economic and investment efficiency of organic wastes processing by vermiculture technolology  on a biohumus and other concomitant products. In accordance with the results of analytically calculation researches it is set that development of vermiculture in Ukraine belongs to perspective directions of agribusiness which did not get widespread and in many regions perceived as an innovation. From vermiculture organic wastes get three important types of valuable for agricultural producers products: biohumus, biomas of worm and liquid substrat of biohumus (vermitea). The use of high-quality biohumus for the fertilizer of grain-crops, vegetables, berries  and fruit planting is instrumental in the increase of their productivity on 15–35%. Various intensive and extensive vermiculture technologies are widespread in the world, however in Ukraine most often there is organization of the vermiculture channel system which is relatively labour intensive. In the article efficiency of production vermiculture goods is probed on the basis of application technology of vertical type sides, which is based on the intensive growing of the Californian worms in the artificially created terms with the observance of microclimate standards in many-tier sides, where specially geared-up substrat put on for processing on a biohumus in the apartments of the closed type. The use of intensive vermiculture methods with vertical sides provides the decline of labour intensiveness on 50 and more percents by comparison to the channel system of vermi sides. Each of accessible for producers vermiculture technologies have the advantages and failings.

In particular the use of vertical sides provides the high indexes of product output per unit of area, higher capital intensive of products is however characterized. As a result of research certainly, that creation of new high-efficiency enterprise with the production capacity of 1200 t biohumus per year on the basis of intensive technologies and without bringing in of the leased capital assets it is necessary over 8 million UAH of start-up capital, including 6.42 million UAH basic and 1.75 million UAH circulating.

Invested money will be covered during 3.1 year and will provide an enterprise a net income from sale off products for the first year to the amount of over 2 million UAH. Forecasting profitability investments will be 161% for 5 years, and the net present value of project will attain 2.77 million UAH at the rate of discount 13,5%. The level of profitability of products sale will exceed 40%.



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