Prospects for the development of agrarian tourism in the Carpathian region

  • O. Hrymak
  • M. Vovk
  • V. Jura
Keywords: enterprise, economics, development potential, development strategy, agri-tourism, green tourism, agroturistica industry, rural territory, rural population, Carpathian region


To date, the activities of agritourism enterprises is an important element in the study of socio-economic relations at local, regional and national levels. Agritourism has become an alternative form of effective functioning and on-farm diversification. The development of this form of entrepreneurship can play a crucial role in the revival of the economy of rural areas in the Carpathian region, where the prospects, the tourism industry was and still is one of the best in Ukraine. The use of agro-tourist potential in the modern conditions of decentralization of management will lead to socio-economic development of the region by increasing revenues of local budgets, increase of investment attractiveness, increase of employment, especially in rural mostly rural areas, landscape conservation or positive change, rational use of natural and cultural-historical heritage. Agrarian tourism is a real alternative for today's unemployment and mass migration of the rural population. This kind of entrepreneurial activity can create a new labor market, become a source of income for the rural dweller and increase the general standard of living in the village. The purpose of this article is to present the specifics of agrarian tourism as a form of entrepreneurial activity in the village in the Carpathian region. The paper deals with the actual issues of research of the specificity of agro-tourism, the principles of its development, the introduction of tourism services in rural areas with a view to diversifying socio-economic activity, raising the level of well-being and prestige of rural labor. To achieve the goal, many years of research experience in this field were analyzed, abstract-logical and statistical methods of analysis and cognition were used.


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