Clustering of the production of veterinary preparations in the conditions of Eurointegration

  • H.D. Harvas
  • P.M. Myzuka
Keywords: Cluster, cluster system, cluster approach, the quality system (GMP), competitiveness


The interest in clusters in the world is constantly growing, and research in various countries confirms that the implementation of cluster structures is the key to socio-economic development and the effective functioning of the state as a whole. Economy territories, which is based on clusters is a model of attractive and competitive economy based on the use of synergy effects and scale. Cluster networks of territorial production systems are sources and factors of ensuring a high level and quality of life of the population, economic growth and sustainable development of territories. The modern development of the Ukrainian economy is increasing of the competitiveness of products, using its own resources to meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets. According to world experience, cluster development of the country's economy is based on the geographical proximity of the relevant economic activities, which provides an opportunity for a higher level of productivity and innovation. Important driving factors in the cluster system are the proximity of the manufacturer, supplier of raw materials, service providers, research organizations, educational institutions, and other institutions in a particular economic field. In the field of veterinary pharmacy, the leading places in the market are occupied by enterprises that implement the cluster system in terms of quality (GMP quality system). In the implementation of the quality system (GMP) in enterprises take active part the leading scientists SCIVP of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives which cooperate with such countries as Poland, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Germany, and others and consider gained their experience. The exchange of experience and knowledge through international scientific conferences, trainings, exhibitions and seminars is part of a clustered approach that helps to develop the field of veterinary pharmacy in Ukraine and solve the problem issues of both production and participation of veterinary medicine enterprises in the market.


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