Innovations in the agricultural sector of Ukraine in the context of the development of european integration

  • M. Dorosh-Kizym
  • O. Dadak
  • T. Gachek
Keywords: agriculture, innovations, innovators, conservatives, economic growth, export potential, innovation technologies, marketing year, product quality, investment attractiveness, food market, national economy, world market, agroindustrial complex, farms


In the modern world, the pace of economic growth and the level of social development are determined by innovation activity, which is the driving force behind the efficient functioning of the economic system, and is based on the creation and exploitation of new knowledge, on the innovative nature of capital and on the entrepreneurial approach. Technical progress is changing our world at an incredible pace. What seemed fantastic the day before yesterday turned into a bold idea yesterday, and today it is being fully implemented in our everyday lives. The agrarian sector has not become an exception. Over the past hundred years, the industry has overcome a huge journey from carrot vans to autopilot combines and dron-sprayers. It is not surprising that talented developers want to integrate into this market exclusive, long-awaited and useful innovative developments. It's no secret that the use of innovations in the agrarian sector makes it possible to turn even the most unfavorable conditions into a real «advantage». Many people have repeatedly heard of the incredible success in the agrarian sector of Australia, Israel, the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, where IT-solutions in agriculture are widely used. Nowadays, agro-market is popular with such solutions as: introduction of precision agriculture systems, aerial survey for quality control of crops, field history for the selection of optimal crops, laboratory soil studies for information on the biochemical composition. These technologies make it possible to increase yields and reduce production costs by reducing fuel, seed and fertilizer costs. In Ukraine, the situation is worse with innovations - the percentage of penetration of high technologies in the agrarian sector is still rather low – about 10–12% compared with world leaders, but we are obviously on the right track. Ukraine is only beginning to get acquainted with these global trends, but it is in them that the key to the success of agricultural production. It is worth noting that today the domestic agro-industrial complex is in the so-called transitional stage. «Why will it lead us ?!» – a question that is difficult to answer now, but at this stage, domestic farmers are successfully using in their businesses as the latest developments, as well as old, proven «grandfather» methods.


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