Concept «boyatria» in romanian veterinary literature

  • I.V. Karbovnik Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: concept, lexical-semantic field, boutique, disease, Roman veterinary literature


The present stage of research in the field of linguistics is marked by a lingual-cognitive approach that is promising, since it allows us to solve a number of issues related to the «language and culture» problem. It is in the language that clearly manifests the mentality of the people, which is determined by the specific worldview and worldview. The article analyzes lexical units for the indication of Latin names of diseases, symptoms and treatment of cattle (boutique) on the example of the ancient literary heritage. Studying the terms in diachrony is a prerequisite for their understanding, better assimilation, ordering and unification.



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