M. Hvyljovyj. Skеtches to the portrait

  • P.G. Berko
  • M.M. Dzera
Keywords: ideology, elite, Eurasia, proletarian art, culture, vitalism


Mykola Hvyljovyj – writer, historiographer, prominent future in the Ukrainian revival, and active percipient of literary organiza-tions. Expecially interesting, in our opinion, his historico-philosopnical concept. M. Hvyljovyj reconsidered the ideas of the development of mankind and culture and announced the beginning of the fourth revival of mankind – proletarian type of culture ( mankind passed the first stage of the patriarchal culture (Asia), the second phase of the feudal and bourgeois (Europe)). At the second time of the people of Asia (the Asian Renaissance, whose oasis is to become Ukrainian, which is located of the verge of two civilizations, and is able to combine the potential of both. We these historiosophical construction, the proclaimed M. Hvyljovyj of the idea of active romanticism (vitalism), whith should become the style of the era of national-state revival. It is initiated and organized by the creative elita of the nation the true bearer of cultural tradition. The intellectuals will be able to fulfill their mission, when they lose their enlightenment populism, identified with provincialism, «littlerussia», reorientated to psychological Europe. Only a creative combination of the internal potential of Ukrainian culture with the spiritual potential of European culture, will provide a specific culture of the energy, that allows it to respond adequately to change and perceive innovation will hope for a unique contribution to world culture. «To put an end to the counter-revolutionary (in essence) thought to build Russian culture in Ukrainian it will be only when Ukraine passed that natural state, what Western Europe was in the times of designing national states. Consequently, the national-cultural respectives of the M. Hvyljovyj were tightened with the current of the formation and development of the Ukrainian political nation.


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