Land reform as part of systemic economic paradigm transformations in Ukraine

  • P. Muzyka
  • D. Solomonko
  • N. Tuchak-Petrash
Keywords: Landed reform, agriculture, landed shares, cooperative stores, agricultural holding, agricultural market


Forming of market of earth of the agricultural setting in Ukraine is necessary pre-condition for the increase of competitiveness of subjects of agrarian market on national and world markets. Earth is a valuable asset that, as experience of the economically developed countries testifies, including, effectively capitalized and allows to attract financial resources for development of production and extended recreation. At the same time, leaders of Association of farmers and private landed interests of Ukraine, constantly mark fears of farmers in relation to opening of market of agricultural earth through fear of them mass buying up agricultural holding and foreign investors. Political figures during many years include a question about market of сільгоспземель creation on the European standard, and this question during the last half-year comes into question the representatives of different political forces and governmental officials. Considerable attention to the different aspects and instruments of functioning and organization of the landed relations was spared by the projects of international technical help, in particular within the framework of project of Ukrainian-Netherlands the «Technical help in the process of development of position papers from development of the landed resources in Ukraine», German-Ukrainian агрополітичного dialogue, to Project of USAID «Support of agrarian and rural development». In 2017 in Ukraine the project of the World bank began to be realized also from the remote sensing of earth, that will allow to decide many "narrow" technical problems for introduction of the civilized relations in the sphere of land-tenure.


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SAFERs: Land Agencies that Have Been Used to Regulate the French Rural Land Market for Over 50 Years:

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